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Paintball - Sport oder Kriegsspiel?
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Escape from Tarkov
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Squad - Seit heute auf Steam
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Project Argo
Letzter: -=LOKI=-Psycho am: 30.11.16 - 21:20 Uhr
Game Update Notes (21 NOV 2016)
Autor: -=LOKI=-Jojo am 21.11.16 - 19:58 Uhr
Game Update Notes (20 OCT > 2016)
Autor: -=LOKI=-Jojo am 20.10.16 - 16:51 Uhr
Weapon Ranges
Autor: -=LOKI=-Jojo am 01.10.16 - 18:42 Uhr
Svenson Range - Update June 30th, 2016
Autor:  am 25.09.16 - 10:59 Uhr
Das Labor
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Proving Grounds
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Montag 13. 06. 2016
America's Army: The Official U.S. Army Game

You have to get him back. We're counting on you.

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Freitag 06. 05. 2016
Game Update Notes (5 May 2016)

The update is going to be out tomorrow morning! Here are some more images of the new maps Stone Ruins and Cabin Fever!

Great Outdoor UMM Contest Winners

The three contest winning maps are now live! These are all 12v12 outdoor themed maps
Stone Ruins by RedBaron64 is a foggy fight through some ancient ruins
Cabin Fever by =groundhog= offers a great hilly indoor and outdoor battle across a frozen landscape
Rocky Road by Keebler750 puts you in a tug-of-war style battle in a rocky landscape

Login Moved

Logging in to the game and account creation will now happen in the game and not the launcher
Launching to the Editor will bring up the launcher and all it’s associated functions

Map Fixes

Adjusted the fog density on Bridge to be consistent for both sides
Fixed a spot on Bridge where players could stand on a tiny collision lip
Closed a crack on Bridge where players could fire on the extraction point from one of the towers
Out of bounds area on Homestead tweaked slightly
Wooden ceiling beams near the Homestead forge no longer intersect with soldier’s heads
Players may no longer jump on several light poles in Slums
Blocking an area on Slums where players could leave the intended play space
Blocked a spot on Siege where players could leave the intended play space
Closed an area on Coldfront where players could, yes, leave the intended play space


Overload author plaque added to the map
Fixed an issue where map images in the Training menu could vanish
“Rank Up” animation now displayed correctly on the AAR
Activity feed spacing tweaked
Deploy menu now appears by default when the game is in warmup mode
Fix for the round start timer appearing incorrectly after opening the server browser from within a game
Size of confirmation dialogs increased

Mission Editor

Mission Editor Help function works once again
Fix for shoot house templates in the mission editor causing a crash

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

Fix for issue where removing a map from the workshop could cause a server with that map to experience problems
Pacifist and Clean Sweep achievements are no longer awarded when the opposing team leaves
Fix for scoreboard becoming stuck during a demorec playback
Fixed a bug where VOIP was being re-enabled at the start of each match even when disabled in the settings
Players may no longer pick up a second pistol, should one somehow be in the world to be picked up
Fix for the occasional distorted soldier in the end of round cam
Client and server logs cleaned up a bit
Matches ending due to not enough players will no longer trigger a map change
Prone performance improved significantly on the server side
Fix for movement stuttering during posture changes and at the end of sliding when playing online
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